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2     4    9/15

378 Yards 

337 Yards 

337 Yards 

268 Yards 

268 Yards 


  • Pond is in play from teen use 240 yard club from Black; 190 from Blue; 150 from Red; good aim point is left edge of pond (better yet pick a spot above that on top of valley wall).

  • Fairway is wide but in a crosswind not easy to find from elevated tee, if line of flight is right of birdhouse located on edge of fairway, your’e toast.

  • Take enough club to comfortably carry pond but don’t get carried away as it is not uncommon to see a flushed shot find a treed hillside beyond the green.

  • Left of green is safe approach and pitch from there is not difficult unless pin is located short left.

  • Green is benign except short left; slope is generally toward the pond but easy to read too much break and in a few spots ball will actually break gently away from pond.



  • Left side of fairway sets up much better angle of approach into green.

  • Playing a bit longer club off tee can set up wedge into green.

  • Green is definitely drivable from Red tee with a 250 yard carry, elevation takes care of the rest

  • A really exhilarating shot with the hang time and wonder as the ball hangs against the valley wall - not very bright in medal play but in match or best ball the fun may outweigh the improvidence