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9    5    7/3

443 Yards 

415 Yards 

415 Yards 

346 Yards 

415 Yards 


  • Bush right very much in play as is fairway bunker.

  • Mid-Fairway trees and tightened fairway just beyond them demand a solid long second shot to find much more open area.



  • Hugging the bush on left or shaping tee shot right to left can shorten hole considerably; aim left, even well left, of the first telephone pole in the distance if you can drive 250+.

  • Players without of a lot of length or lacking confidence with driver might consider playing lofted fairway wood near or over trees on left taking bunker and bush on right out of play.

  • Green side bunkers are not deep or penal, but lay up on right side of fairway opens green and takes bunkers out of play.

  • A well struck approach missed a bit right can deflect onto green, so a miss right is acceptable so long as it is not short in which case it may find bush.