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7     3      13/13

210 Yards 

258 Yards 

161 Yards 

161 Yards 

161 Yards 


  • From Blue tee it is very tempting to aim at the flag but anything a bit short and left is serious trouble; there is a fairway to the right the you cannot see, requires only about 175 yard shot to set up wedge into green.

  • Green slopes a bit front to back and right to left; anything shaped right to left or with low spin may deflect off green, but safest spot to pitch onto green is from left side so penalty not significant.



  • From Blue tee especially with slight helping wind, the green may be reached from the tee, though lots of trouble for crooked shots, more trouble left than right.

  • From Black and Red tee, left to right shot shape ideal for holding green.