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6     5      1/5

486 Yards 

476 Yards 

476 Yards 

476 Yards 

323 Yards 


  • From Blue and Black stronger players may git through the fairway.

  • Pinched fairway area around 100 yards not as easy to carry a it nay look; safe shot is a well right of mound and native grass and letter to take less club than more as a shot too far right can find its way into trees.

  • Tee shot from Red is to a tight landing zone; safe play is to lay up with 180 yard club.

  • Green slopes more than it looks, off hill left and behind green toward lake.


  • From Black and Blue, many players can play well left over hill between the two deciduous trees at fairway edge and the tallest spruce tree in the distance, setting up opportunity to reach green in next shot.

Local Rule: One # there is a drop areas near the forward tee that may used if tee shots are lost on the hull on the players left. Penalty: 1 stroke.