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4     4    11/7


  • Bush left and right.

  • Sidehill lie in middle of fairway.

  • Deepest green side bunker on course.

  • Big left to right slope in green shots hit a bit left of flag will feed back toward flag but play too high above green ball may stay making up and down extremely unlikely.



  • Left side of fairway gives flat lie with best angle of approach, takes bunker out of play and reduces risk of missing green above hole; long hitters might reach green, especially if they get turbo boost off backside of ridge.

  • Right side of fairway givers flat lie but difficult approach over bunker onto shallow elevated green.

  • Middle of fairway is safest shot but sidehill lie makes approach tricky.


300 Yards 

300 Yards 

300 Yards 

270 Yards 

270 Yards