Katepwa Beach Golf Club

The Katepwa Beach Golf Club is open, but this website is currently under transition.  The booking online option is available, however, please phone the club  for any questions you may have until such time as this website is updated:

Katepwa Beach Golf Club, P.O. Box 957, Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan,

Canada S0G 1S0
Telephone:     1-306-332-2582

Katepwa Beach Golf Club

Katepwa Beach Golf Club

Welcome to Katepwa Beach Golf Club

Carved deep into the vast plains of Southern Saskatchewan by ancient glacial melt waters, the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley provides a stunning setting for one of the true hidden gems of golf on the Great Plains—The Katepwa Beach Golf Club. Steeped in the same minimalist ethos and laid out on a grand scale so characteristic of other renowned courses built on the Great Plains since the mid-90’s, Katepwa Beach is a modest, unpretentious place. No manmade wonders. No multi-million dollar clubhouse. Just the purest of golf experiences on a well conditioned course of broad scope with beauty, challenge, variety, temptation, strategy, risk and reward, all offered up under some of the clearest, sunniest skies in the nation. It's well worth going out of your way to play.


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